Marko makes strong penalty prediction for Hamilton – “We are convinced he will get it”

Helmut Marko has made a strong prediction regarding Lewis Hamilton, saying that he foresees a penalty for the Mercedes driver.

Five races stand in between drivers and the end of the season. Engine penalties are coming fast and furious for all drivers as they exceed the required number of engines. Among them is Hamilton and his Mercedes.

Two races ago, Hamilton took a new Internal Combustion Engine and dropped ten places on the grid. However, Mercedes’ engine problems continue to persist, and Red Bull is watching the situation intently.

Marko made a strong prediction regarding Hamilton, and said that he is confident of his team taking a penalty in the near future.

“We remain convinced that Hamilton needs a new engine,” the Austrian told Gazzetta dello Sport, as quoted by

Hamilton (pictured) may have to take another penalty soon. Source: Mercedes

“We are going to races where it is hot and in the past that has given us an advantage. Under normal circumstances we will not need to change engines.”

Problems galore

Red Bull trail Mercedes by 23 points in the Constructors’ Championship, and lead them by 12 points in the Drivers’ Championship. It is thus a crucial juncture in the race, and any mistake can prove costly.

There is every chance Hamilton can last the next five races without any penalties. In that case, Red Bull will have to tweak their plans and prepare for a rival who will be with them on front rows.

Red Bull enter the Mexican GP with an advantage, with the track favouring their car and setup over Mercedes’. The altitude of the track will give the Milton-Keynes outfit an advantage, but it could be slashed if Mercedes bring a new engine to the party.

Should they opt for that decision, they will serve a penalty like Marko predicted. However, the track is a favourable one for position changes, and nothing will be certain until the final lap.

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