Marko not fully confident about Perez for 2022 – “Only our second drivers have the biggest problems”

Red Bull team advisor Helmut Marko suggested that he was not fully confident in his driver Sergio Perez for 2022, saying that their car might get too much for him.

Perez had a solid first season at Red Bull, but it wasn’t spectacular by any means. His struggles were visibly evident in the first half of the season, but a strong ending to the second half sort of redeemed the entire thing.

With F1 introducing new regulations next season, the cars will undergo a radical change. They will be nothing like the blistering 2021 cars, leaving drivers with much work to do when the season begins.

However, Marko suggested he was not fully confident in Perez for 2022, saying that Red Bull’s second drivers often struggle to adapt.

“The drivers have done some simulator work in the meantime, but of course the engineers are the ones doing the development,” he said, as quoted by

“Max (Verstappen) can drive a car that is quite unstable at the rear. The car has to be as fast as possible, it doesn’t have to feel comfortable or pleasant.

“It’s only our second drivers who often have the biggest problems with that.”

Verstappen (left) and Perez (right). Source: Getty Images

Turn up to the Max

Verstappen also gave his thoughts on the new regulations, and said that he is excited, but uncertain regarding what might happen.

“It’s hard to say because I haven’t driven the new car yet, except in the simulator,” the 2021 World Champion explained.

“In January and February I will do that again, but by then the car will be very different.

“The cars are a bit slower, but I hope the races will be better, that we can overtake more and that the teams are closer together. Then it doesn’t matter that you are a bit slower.”

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