Helmut Marko reacts to possible additional half point for Verstappen – “We’ll check it out”

Helmut Marko has reacted to a possible additional half point for Max Verstappen after the Belgian GP.

The Belgian GP was the fourth time in history that half points were awarded. This was due to the heavy rain and only two laps being run. As a result, the top ten drivers were awarded half points.

The point for the fastest lap went to Haas driver Nikita Mazepin. Mazepin was the fastest driver behind the Safety Car, having set the time in the second lap. He was awarded the fastest lap half point for his efforts.

However, Motorsport-Magazin.com has found a loophole in what happened. Mazepin’s lap time, according to them, should not count, because he set it in the second lap. The race was red-flagged, so according to the rules, the first lap time should count. That’s where Verstappen comes in.

Helmut Marko: Discussions moving in right direction | PlanetF1
Helmut Marko (pictured) is considering appealing for a half point to be awarded to Verstappen. Source: planetf1.com

The official FIA results saw only the starting lap included. As a result, Mazepin would lose his fastest lap. The Russian driver did not get the point, but race winner Verstappen could very well snag it. Verstappen’s time of 3:27.071 was the fastest lap in the top ten. But the Dutchman has not been awarded the half point yet.

When told about it and asked if Red Bull would appeal for the half point, Marko answered in the positive. The Austrian said, “We will check it out. We would have liked to have scored half an extra point.”

Or maybe nothing at all

However, according to the German media, there could be yet another twist to the tale. There is a chance even if Marko and Red Bull appeal, the half point will not be awarded to Verstappen. That is because the regulations require the lap in question to be a ‘valid lap’.

A normal lap at Spa is run for 7.004 kilometres. However, the laps at the Belgian GP was run for 6.88 kilometres, which is less than the required classification. This lap, the classified one, started from the pit lane and covered less than seven kilometres.

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