Helmut Marko slams Mercedes for ‘unsportsmanlike’ conduct

Helmut Marko slammed Mercedes for their conduct this season, saying that they have been very unprofessional.

Mercedes and Red Bull have been at each other’s throats on the track and off it too. The title race is being contested by the two teams, and it has been no-holds-barred from Day 1.

Crashes, accusations, veiled jabs and even outright confrontation have been seen this season. It has been a truly gloves-off contest between the two titans, with everything still very much left to play for.

The latest round between the two teams has seen cheating accusations going on. With two races left to go, Marko slammed Mercedes for their conduct, and said that they were very difficult to deal with as competitors.

“When Mercedes saw that we were equal or even faster, they first came up with flexi-wings and then all sorts of other sham arguments,” Marko told Motorsport.com, as quoted by express.co.uk.

“We took those actions as a very unsportsmanlike gesture and, after that, we also focused on what happens at Mercedes, for example with those wings.

Helmut Marko. Credits: planetf1.com

“That all comes with it when the battle is as intense as it is this year and especially when someone is not used to another team being able to offer competition,” he concluded.

Two enter, one leaves

With everything on the line, Red Bull and Mercedes head to Saudi Arabia this week. The last two races have gone in the latter’s favour, and they will try their best to pile the pressure on the Milton-Keynes outfit.

Red Bull lead in the Drivers’ Championship, but trail in the Constructors’. Both are very narrow leads and deficits, and they can be overturned at any given moment.

It is shaping up to be an exciting finale, and one that may crown a winner only on the final lap of the final race.

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