Red Bull advisor Dr. Helmut Marko is suspicious of Mercedes’ recent pace, and said that it is a DRS-like advantage.

Mercedes has been on another level with their pace since the British GP at Silverstone. They were second best until that point in the season, but since then, it has been Mercedes that has taken the crown for being the fastest on track.

Whether it was the Hungaroring, Monza or Sochi, Mercedes’ straight-line pace has been exceptional, and a cut above the rest of the grid. This trend continued at the Turkish GP, where their superiority was on full display.

The Red Bull cars were a few tenths off them every single lap. Mercedes comfortably took a 1-2 during qualifying as well, and the rest of the grid was left chasing shadows.

Marko was suspicious of Mercedes’ recent pace, and said that their advantage raised some eyebrows within his team.

“We have to think of something, because Mercedes are so fast on the straights,” Marko said, as quoted by

Red Bull (in white) were trailing Mercedes (in black) for the entirety of the race. Source:

“They were almost 15 km/h faster here, like when you drive with DRS. It’s been like this since Silverstone and the gap is only getting bigger. That engine superiority, I don’t know what it is and what we can do about it. We need to optimise our chassis even more so that we can balance it out again somewhat.”

No chance

Red Bull was unable to close the gap to Mercedes, and Max Verstappen lost out on the win to Valtteri Bottas by a significant margin. The Mercedes driver was largely unbothered by anyone, and went on to take a dominant victory.

Red Bull will be concerned with their lack of pace, and will look to address it as soon as possible. The title race is closer than it has ever been, and they will not want to lose out to Mercedes because of this reason.

They have also asked the FIA to look into Mercedes’ car to address a trick they claim is making their car faster than it should be.

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