Marko takes dig at Mercedes for double standards – “They live in glass houses”

Helmut Marko has taken a dig at Mercedes for their supposed double standards.

The rivalry between Red Bull and Mercedes have shown no signs of slowing down. The summer break’s conclusion saw the two teams pick up right where they left off. The Dutch GP weekend saw the two teams write another page in their rivalry book.

On Saturday, Red Bull complained to the FIA about Mercedes keeping their tyre blankets on longer than the designated time. If this sounds familiar, you are bang on. Earlier in the season, Mercedes had lodged the exact same complaint about Red Bull. This time, the German team seems to be the one at fault.

During the qualification session, Mercedes started warming up the tyres of both Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. This was noticed by their title rivals, who wasted no time telling the FIA. Moreover, Marko did not appreciate Mercedes doing what they did, and took a dig at them for their double standards.

Helmut Marko: Discussions moving in right direction | PlanetF1
Helmut Marko (pictured) has resumed the cold war against Mercedes. Source:

Sporting Director at Red Bull, Jonathan Wheatley, began by saying, “The two Mercedes, they’re doing what we’ve been warned about previously!”

Following Wheatley’s statement, Marko snidely told Sky Germany, “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

It’s war

Marko’s dig, even to the untrained ear, is directed at Mercedes. The blanket issue was something Mercedes extensively pointed out to derail Red Bull when they were having a flying start to the season. Marko and Red Bull will only be happy if they can return the favour.

Although the Red Bull and Mercedes Team Principals had promised to tone down the outright war between the two teams, it is still very much on. The only difference is it seems to have regressed to veiled attacks and digs.

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