Martin Brundle clashes with fellow Sky Sports analyst over Max Verstappen farce – “How can you say that?”

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is one of the fiercest drivers on the circuit. His aggressive style has brought him plenty of victories but has also paved way for plenty of criticism.

It now appears like he takes his gaming just as seriously as his professional life.

Known to be big on video games, Verstappen was enjoying a live stream with his fans.

It is fair to say that he was not being mindful of boasting and openly declared that he was extremely proud of being able to “beat everyone” in arcade games.

It is only rarely that viewers get a chance to see this side of Max as he does his best to stay away from social media as he finds it too toxic an environment.

In fact, he even claimed that his girlfriend Kelly Piquet has started using social media less since they have started dating. often known for his competitive side.

Taking to Instagram, Verstappen said, “I think beating everyone in arcade was definitely my highlight.”

His girlfriend Kelly took the opportunity to pour cold water on Max’s claims, saying that it was only due to a scoring error in the machine that he managed to beat her.

“I believe I beat you at that ball game but the machine was broken so it didn’t count properly.”

It is clear to see that Max and Kelly enjoy a very playful relationship.

It must help that Max is absolutely at the top of his own game and has won two successive world championships.

Surely that puts him in a pretty positive frame of mind.

Sky Sports reporters clash over Red Bull success

Red Bull and Verstappen’s recent success hasn’t been free of controversy.

While it took a dubious call from then race director Michael Masi that helped Verstappen claim his maiden title in 2021, a sporting penalty was issued to Red Bull for breaching the cost cap this year.

As a result, the team was forced to pay the FIA $7 million and also have a 10% reduction in aero testing time this term.

Sky Sports’ Simon Lazenby cast doubts on Red Bull’s recent success. He said, “They’ve got two championships out of this.” 

However, Martin Brundle was quick to point out that it was a very negative narrative to put out.

“You can’t say that, how can you say that,” Brundle argued.

Lazenby then tried to justify himself.

“I’m not saying that, but that’s what the fans are saying,” he said.

However, Brundle was far from impressed with the justification.

“There will have been some money spent. But can you apply that amount of money to winning two world championships,” Brundle said.

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