Masi removed from FIA organisation chart for 2022 season after reported Mercedes appeal comes through

According to reports, Race Director Michael Masi has not been named on the FIA organisation chart for 2022.

Masi’s future seems very much up in the air after his role in the shambolic Abu Dhabi GP result. His interpretation of the Safety Car rules ended up influencing the world championship result and costing Sir Lewis Hamilton a surefire eighth world title.

With Hamilton’s future also very much up in the air after that incident, Masi has been public enemy number one. The seven-time world champion’s silence on social media speaks volumes, and it has apparently had an effect on the Australian’s job.

In the recently released document, Masi has not been named on the FIA organisation chart for 2022. Also missing is his colleague Nikolas Tombazis, who was there eon the October 2021 version, but failed to make the cut.

The BBC recently revealed that Mercedes had made a deal with the FIA to withdraw their protest against the Abu Dhabi GP result only if Masi and Tombazis were relieved of their duties. Although the German team denied it, it seems to have actually taken shape.

FIA Organisation Structure January 2022
Masi is conveniently missing from the new hierarchy in the FIA. Source: FIA

All in the air

The two men have not commented on the snub. Masi hasn’t been seen since the Abu Dhabi GP, while Tombazis recently spoke on the 2022 technical regulations.

Looking at the list, there are a couple of changes. Mohammed Ben Sulayem takes his place as the new FIA president, replacing Jean Todt. Robert Reid replaces Graham Stoker as Deputy President Sport, Carmelo Sanz de Barros replaces Brian Gibbons as Senate President and Tim Shearman replaces Thierry Willermarck as Deputy President Mobility.

The interesting part of course is Peter Bayer occupying the role of Secretary General for Motorsport, but also occupying the slot of Single-Seater. The people he has replaced are Masi and Tombazis.

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