Masi set to hold off on 2022 sporting changes – “Will postpone until 2023”

F1 Race Director Michael Masi is set to hold off on implementing the major 2022 sporting changes.

2022 is set be a major year for the sport. Many changes will be introduced into the sport in an attempt to freshen things up. For all we know, the hierarchy on the grid could be very different next season.

However, it has now been revealed that there are plans to postpone some of these changes to the 2023 season. This would give teams the opportunity to use the year in between to get familiar with the new regulations.

Masi is set to hold off on implementing the 2022 sporting changes, and said that fine-tuning is now his favoured approach.  

“It was a consensus with the teams actually,” Masi said, as quoted by GP Fans.

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“I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me, but a number of them said straight out that with all of the other things that we have going on with new cars, etc., let’s do ourselves all a favour with fine-tuning what we have.

“Grab all the elements that have changed in ’22, put them in the known format that we have because with everything else happening next year with the new car, let’s go for something known rather than something completely unknown where we’re all just going to be flying a bit blind and not as used to it.

“Let’s do that. Postpone it until 2023, get all of the relevant elements that were changed in the ’22 regulations will be brought into the current format.”


When asked if the FIA plans on introducing the entire set of regulations in 2023, Masi affirmed, saying, “Yes, we will. For ’23 is the aim.

“The sporting directors have all clearly acknowledged together with all of that, with all of the various management of COVID requirements and so forth, that everyone’s time to get their head around that is something that they would prefer just to put off for 12 months.”

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