FIA fires warning to Verstappen ahead of championship-decider – “Max could be deducted points”

Michael Masi warned Max Verstappen of consequences for rash racing, saying that if he tries something like that again, he will pay for it.

Masi and the FIA had a nightmare of a task on their hands at the Saudi Arabian GP. So many incidents and so many controversies happened that they had to cater to many perspectives and arguments. One of the troublemakers was Verstappen, who caused all kinds of problems at Jeddah.

In the span of the race, the Dutchman overtook Lewis Hamilton off the track, failed to give him the position back immediately, and then ended up brake-testing him when he eventually did. It was a complete shambles from him, and he was hit with a ten-second penalty for it.

Many fans criticised the Red Bull driver for his dangerous driving, and then called the FIA out for not punishing him severely enough. Accordingly, Masi warned Verstappen of consequences for rash racing, stating that they would have no problem deducting points if he engages in such behaviour at Abu Dhabi.

“I can’t control the actions of the two individuals, only they can,” the 42-year-old said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Max Verstappen would win the championship if he and Lewis Hamilton did not score points
Verstappen (pictured) could land a points deduction if he is not careful. Source: REX

“But within the regulations we have penalties, be it time or grid penalties. In addition, the International Sporting Code has provision for the stewards to disqualify a competitor or dock championship points.

“So, yes, Max could be deducted points, as could any team. We hope it isn’t necessary, but it is one of the tools available. I will remind all the teams and drivers of these provisions.”

Race fast and fair

“While they may not want to admit it, deep down they all know what is deemed legal, what is fair game, what is hard but fair racing and what is not,” the Race Director continued.

“Every incident has to be treated separately. While they may look similar, they are not necessarily identical.

“There is a common belief I am responsible for the punishments meted out, but it is down to an independent panel of stewards to decide if a penalty is warranted,” he concluded.

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