Max Verstappen’s assistant Bradley Scanes pulls plug on four-year working relationship due to ‘personal reasons’

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen enjoyed one of the best seasons in the history of F1 after claiming his 19th win of the campaign in the finale in Abu Dhabi.

However, things ended on a sour note as the triumph was followed by news that Verstappen’s performance coach Bradley Scanes announced his decision to leave.

Max Verstappen and Bradley Scanes. Credit"
Max Verstappen and Bradley Scanes. Credit”

According to The Telegraph, Verstappen will now be on the lookout for a new performance coach after tasting such great success under Scanes.

The duo were together for four years and formed a close partnership that saw the Dutchman scale epic heights in the pinnacle of motorsport racing.

Through their journey, Verstappen won a whopping 46 Grand Prix.

The decision to call time on this association is believed to be due to personal reasons on the part of the British physio.

Scanes’ tenure with Red Bull and Verstappen will be looked at very fondly by all parties as it led to the most dominant period in their history.

All eyes will now be on who Verstappen and the team pick going forward.

Scanes was not only Verstappen’s performance coach, but also managed Team GB’s gymnastics squad alongside this responsibility.

Speaking in a Pit Stop Podcast, Scanes had indicated that he was not overly keen on featuring in F1 until he met Verstappen.

“In 2019, I flew out after the season finale in Abu Dhabi to Barcelona, met Max and his family at the circuit where they were testing, and we just got on from there,” he said.

Even during this period, Scanes had conversations with Verstappen over the possibility of the Dutchman becoming a world champion despite Mercedes’ dominance at the time.

He is also believed to have been close with Max Verstappen’s father Jos.

“We hit it off quite quickly. I was there with his dad (ex-F1 driver Jos Verstappen) and chatting away with them, and I think that was the reason I probably got the job,” he said.

It goes without saying that Scanes played a pivotal role in the development of Verstappen in the past few years.

He helped the 25-year-old with managing his training schedules, physiotherapy, nutrition, hydration, and recovery.

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