Red Bull driver Max Verstappen suggested changes to races after the Belgian GP.

The race was doomed from minute one, and it was a comedy of errors from F1 and the FIA. Torrential rain was only part of the problem, and the FIA did not make themselves look good at all.

Verstappen came up with potential solutions to avoid such disasters in the future. The Red Bull driver suggested some changes, and said it was better to start such races earlier.

“It’s a long wait. In a way when you start at 3 o’clock and you have days like this maybe it’s better to start a bit earlier, at 12, 1 o’clock,” Verstappen said, as reported by Formula1.

“I think that’s a better time anyway to start, for me. Now it’s just dragging on and on and the weather just gets worse and worse. It gets dark.

“I guess that (the visibility) was the biggest problem. I mean the grip was low, we know that, in the wet. We don’t have a lot of grip with these tires but when you can’t see where you are going or you don’t know where the car ahead of you is, that’s never really nice, so you can’t properly race like that.”

Past is the past

Verstappen won the race by default, but said he didn’t like winning this way. However, he looked towards the future, and remained hopeful for the Dutch GP.

“We had two races where we didn’t really score points, so we needed a decent result. Of course, again, it’s not how you want to have the result, but still,” Verstappen said.

“I think the entire weekend we were very competitive, and that’s very important on a track like this with long straights.

“And now we go to Zandvoort, which is new for everyone, so there will be a bit of a question mark over how everyone will perform and maybe some surprises as well. You never know, but I’m looking forward to it,” he concluded.


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