Max Verstappen ditches girlfriend Kelly Piquet’s best friend’s wedding to stay home and live-stream video game

Max Verstappen currently lead the F1 championship after the first five races of the 2023 campaign, but even during his off time, he is engaged in some sort of racing.

This time, though, it has come at a cost. The Dutchman was participating in the Virtual 24 Hours of Nurburgring with Team Redline, an event he was live-streaming on his Twitch account.

However, in order to guarantee his participation, he was forced to skip girlfriend Kelly Piquet’s best friend’s wedding in Portugal.

Kelly Piquet and Max Verstappen. Credit:
Kelly Piquet and Max Verstappen. Credit:

While it didn’t seem to deter his driving prowess on the simulator, Max didn’t miss the chance to call out his driving partner for making him miss an important event in his girlfriend’s life.

“By the way guys, I am doing this race because Chris was complaining he had too many exams to participate in,” Verstappen said.

Chris, who is Max’s racing sim buddy, tried his best to defend himself.

“Yeah, if I would have raced, I’d have to work up 5 hours of…”, Chris began, before getting interjected by Max.

“I canceled a wedding for it,” Max cried out.

Seemingly out of any defence, Chris asked max what he would rather do if it was completely up to him.

“I love sim racing but sometimes you know you have to think about the greater good,” Verstappen said with a smile.

Meanwhile, Kelly posted a number of pictures of the wedding that she attended in Portugal.

It appears like Max did his best to make it up to Kelly by surprising her with flowers and chocolates, which was also posted by the daughter of former F1 world champion Nelson Piquet on Instagram.

“Made it home to find this,” Kelly wrote as a caption.

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