Max Verstappen irked after Red Bull shoots down ‘dream opportunity’ to safeguard against driving mishap

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is arguably at the peak of his abilities since he entered Formula 1.

With successive world championships to his name, he is undeniably one of the strongest candidates on the circuit.

His ‘number 1 driver’ tag at the team is expected to continue for a while as he continues to carve his legacy and establish himself as one of the finest drivers to race for Red Bull.

While keeping the Dutchman happy is a priority for both Christian Horner and his team, they were forced to turn down a recent request from Verstappen.

Max Verstappen. Credit:

Max had urged his team to allow him to fulfil one of his childhood interests and race in a MotoGP bike.

Horner was having none of it and denied Verstappen this opportunity, owing largely to the risk of injury.

Speaking with MotoGp star Marc Marquez, Verstappen discussed how he would love to appear in a MotoGP event but does not have the backing of his team to do so.

“I love watching MotoGP and I like that there are so many teams capable of winning the race. I think it’s fantastic,” Verstappen said.

“These guys are crazy. It’s fascinating to see how strong they are, working the whole body. I would like to try one of these bikes for the speed they have on the straight, the power the bikes have.

“But my team won’t let me,” he said.

“Of course, if I broke my leg now, I would have time to recover.”

Marquez then asked him why he wouldn’t just drive slowly to ensure against any mishaps.

“I know myself well,” Verstappen answered.

“If I tried it, I would push. The problem is if something goes wrong.”

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