“Kelly does it much less than before”: Girlfriend Piquet told by Max Verstappen not to indulge in ‘toxic’ environment

It has become evident over recent years that social media can be a very tough environment for even the greatest personalities.

One wrong move and everything becomes that much more scrutinised, with fans and onlookers getting a bigger opportunity to express their views.

Noted celebrities have decided to stay away from social media as they find it intrusive, but there are others that see the value in using it as a mouthpiece to express their views to greater audiences.

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is perhaps one of the most outspoken F1 personalities on social media and often uses it to spread the message of inclusivity and diversity.

Apart from this, he also allows fans to get an insight into his regular life or training through short clips or reels.

Reigning F1 world champion Max Verstappen, meanwhile, prefers to stay away from any such platforms and has often slammed the social media culture in the past.

Verstappen has been critical of the way in which social media posts target both him and his family and has revealed that this is one of the biggest reasons why he doesn’t see any value in indulging in it himself.

“I don’t feel the need to share or show my private life to the outside world, even Kelly [Piquet, his girlfriend] does it much less than before,” Verstappen said.

“When Formula 1 ends, I don’t see myself posting things.

“Some people have nothing else to do all day, while I’m busy with other things. For example, I spend a lot of time on the phone, especially with my sim team, doing things with virtual racing or so on.”

Why did Max get social media hate?

Kelly Piquet Max Verstappen
Kelly Piquet and Max Verstappen. Credit: gpfans.net

One of the most controversial moments in the recently concluded F1 season took place between Verstappen and his teammate Sergio Perez.

Despite having wrapped up his second successive world championship, Verstappen defied team orders that instructed him to allow Perez through in his quest for second spot in the drivers’ standings.

It led to a bitter aftermath as Perez lashed out at Verstappen and said it showed the public Max’s true colours.

Fans lashed out at Verstappen, who had little to gain by pulling this off.

Verstappen was later involved in another controversial moment when Sky Sports reporter Ted Kravitz claimed that Hamilton had been ‘robbed’ of the 2021 title.

Verstappen took particular offence to this and decided not to give any interviews to Sky Sports.

Max believes such comments from people of authority only add to criticism on social media.

Hamilton, too, bought Verstappen’s views and spoke about the impact such comments have on the psyche of a sportsperson.

“Yeah, I think social media is getting more and more toxic as the years go on,” Hamilton said.

“I think we should probably get off it, ultimately. Mental health is such a prominent thing right now. I know so many people reading their comments and the stuff that people say and it is hurtful.”

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