Mazepin discusses why Hamilton apologised to him – “Lewis has been very nice”

Nikita Mazepin discussed Lewis Hamilton’s apology to him after FP3 pf the Saudi GP, and said that he accepted it without question.

Mazepin ran into the Mercedes of Hamilton on a flat-out turn at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit. It could have been a big accident, with only the Russian rookie’s presence of mind preventing it.

It was not what you would expect from the seven-time world champion, and he was the first to address it. He sent the Haas driver his apologies, and the latter graciously accepted it.

Mazepin discussed Hamilton’s apology to him, and called it something that happens during racing.

“I was on a fast lap and I was going through turns seven and eight which are flat in our car,” he explained, as quoted by GP Fans.

An absolute rookie error": Watch Lewis Hamilton narrowly miss collisions  with Pierre Gasly and Nikita Mazepin at the Saudi Arabian GP - The  SportsRush
Mazepin (left) and Hamilton (right) nearly collided in Jeddah. Source:

“They are all blind and I didn’t know there was a car on the racing line, so I kept it flat until a moment I saw he was not going to move from it.

“Not a big deal from my side, we train to have the reactions necessary to deal with these situations and Lewis has been very nice.”

Apology accepted

Mazepin also talked about what happened after practice, and how the British Knight dropped him a text saying sorry.

“We have sent each other texts about that,” he continued.

“I just hoped he had a good qualifying and he did as always. He felt very sorry for what happened and said it wasn’t the best job done from their side.

“It is very nice to see experience in the older generation and really paying attention to these things, because in F2, you might never get a driver thinking about it whereas in F1, a seven-time world champion is. That is really kind from him.”

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