Mazepin offers to help FIA in making better decisions on the track – “I spoke to Michael”

Nikita Mazepin offered to help the FIA, saying that he wants to do his bit for better driving standards in the sport.

Mazepin has been one of many drivers who have driven very aggressively this season. The standard of driving has not been the best, with multiple collisions, crashes and of course penalties dictating the tempo.

The Saudi Arabian GP saw Mazepin on the receiving end of dangerous driving, when he was impeded during qualifying. The sad thing is that every driver has been the victim at some point, and the FIA have some work to do in that regard.

Mazepin offered to help the FIA, saying that if they needed his assistance, he was more than happy to provide it.

“Well, funnily enough, I had an appointment with Michael (Masi) because that is exactly what I wanted to see and discuss,” he said as quoted by GP Fans.

“It is not a criticism, it was an opportunity for me to speak with the stewards and see their opinion.

Mazepin penalised for holding up leader Perez despite late warning by team  – RaceFans
Mazepin (pictured) has been one of the rash drivers this season. Source: XPB Images

“I was very concerned about my actions back in Bahrain where I did a very similar thing as I would do in F2 which would be taken without criticism and I overtook cars into the last corner because I felt like I needed to go. I have been harshly told this is not acceptable and this is not what you do in Formula 1.”

Need a hand?

When asked if it was his decision to contact Masi, Mazepin confirmed, “That is correct.

“I spoke to Michael and asked him if he could find some time to speak with me to see what his opinion is and how we can sort it, not only from the stewards’ perspective but also the drivers’ perspective because I don’t think it is working exactly the way it should be right now.

“If I can be of help or I can understand what a driver could do in that case, I’ll be better,” he concluded.

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