Mazepin reveals what he is planning to do to become the new leader at Haas

F1 driver Nikita Mazepin revealed his desire to be a leader at Haas, saying that he wants to improve his relations with his team members.

Mazepin completed his rookie season with Haas in 2021 and has been renewed for the next one. He learned a lot of lessons from that eventful and unsuccessful season, and will take them with him when the new one kicks off.

However, from a team point of view, he has often stated that morale was not the best in their camp. The Russian reckoned that doing his bit and interacting with his colleagues would get the best out of them.

As a result, Mazepin revealed his desire to be a leader at Haas, saying that he would do his best for the team on and off the track.

“There are some key areas you need to be doing,” he said in an interview with 

“It’s your motivation, because we are human beings and we obviously lack motivation at times like everyone else.”

Nikita Mazepin and the Haas team pose for a photo. Lusail November 2021.
Mazepin with his team and car. Source:

All about the basics

“We sometimes wake up in a bad mood and we have no energy like other people, but we still have to go out there and perform. I would say this was very good,” he continued.

“Second is teamwork, and learning how to act properly in the team. I think that’s something I need to improve because I feel very comfortable working with three, four or five people.

“But when it’s hundreds, I think I sometimes lack spending the amount of time I need and pay as much personal time as I need with people. So that’s something I need to do.

“When the team is small, you naturally get to talk about things. But when the team’s so big, you need to come up with ideas on how do you unite everyone on a different continent. When there’s like 40 people in the team, that’s a different thing,” he concluded.

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