Mazepin slams Haas for ‘applying different rules’ in treatment of Schumacher – “Got a team order saying no”

Nikita Mazepin has slammed Haas for showing partiality towards Mick Schumacher, and said that the team favours the latter.

Mazepin was caught up in controversy again, this time at the Mexican GP. During qualifying, he tried to get past his teammate at Turn 5 after the red flag. His engineer told him to stay behind Schumacher, something he didn’t appreciate.

Mazepin told race engineer Dominic Haines, “OK, I need to overtake him because he’s going too slow.”

Haines replied, “Negative, stay behind, stay behind please,” to which Mazepin retorted with, “Are you having a laugh?”

At this point, chief engineer Ayao Komatsu angrily stepped in and said, “I’m not having a laugh, Nikita – if you want to make a space now, make a space now.”

Subsequently, Mazepin slammed Haas for showing partiality towards Mick Schumacher.

“So I felt like today, in a rushed case like it was, a teammate of mine had a free space in front and wasn’t going as quick as he could have, so I felt that maybe that’s what he needs for the tyres,” he said, as quoted by

Mazepin's "painful" US GP not helped by headrest coming off
Mazepin (pictured) was not happy with his team in Mexico. Source:

“I needed to go quicker in order to bring my tyres in and tried to get ahead, but got a ‘no’. I respect the orders that the team gives me and stayed behind, so it’s not a big deal, it just seems like the rules are different on the sides of the team.”

Not a big deal

Mazepin’s comments were heard by Schumacher, and he didn’t think too much of it. He responded to his teammate’s complaints, saying that there was no reason for him to react the way he did.

“I think that the team set out clear instructions and I think those instructions were held in from both sides, from my side,” Schumacher said.

“So I think there’s no real reason to be upset in any way.”

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