McCarthy thinks Red Bull has margin for error – “Max can make up the difference”

Former F1 driver Perry McCarthy thinks Red Bull can afford some margin for error in 2022, saying that with Max Verstappen in their ranks, they can mask some mistakes.

Verstappen won the world championship in 2021, and is set to defend his title in the upcoming season. With new regulations coming in 2022, it will be a different playing field when the season kicks off in March.

Red Bull are one of the favourites to do well in the new season, and are expected to challenge for both championships like they did in 2021. However, every team is expected to slip up at some point, and that includes RB.

However, McCarthy thinks Red Bull have some margin for error, saying that Verstappen can help conceal the few mistakes they may make.

“If any team really get it wrong across the winter, then most drivers can’t make up that difference,” he told

“If they got it wrong by just a little bit, maybe somebody like Max can make up that difference.

Max Verstappen close up through the Halo. Abu Dhabi, December 2021.
Verstappen (pictured) could be a bigger help to Red Bull in 2022. Source:

“But I can’t really see Red Bull getting it too wrong.”

All about confidence

“The thing that we were just talking about, about driver confidence, it really filters all the way down to the team management, the engineers, the designers, you know, they’ve got that confidence,” he continued.

“And they’re still led by Adrian (Newey), who may still be the most successful designer still on the grid, because he’s had World Championships for Williams, for McLaren and obviously, Red Bull. So, you know, he’s a genius. They’ve got that they got their confidence going for them.”

McCarthy also revealed that he was hopeful of Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton breaking his silence and joining the party, saying he has so much more to offer.

“I’m hoping that Lewis can come back mentally strong because, you know, if I do tune in with no more last lap decisions by stewards or the race director, then, then all we’re looking at is a brilliant season, but we want to see some other talent with the opportunity now,” he said.

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