McLaren angry with Red Bull and AlphaTauri – “Smaller teams satisfy agenda of bigger ones”

McLaren revealed that they were angry with Red Bull and sister team AlphaTauri, saying that they were messing up the F1 constructor dynamic.

Most F1 teams are not standalone competitors, with them being connected in some way, shape or form. However, the most direct connection on the grid is in the form of the Red Bull-AlphaTauri connection.

AlphaTauri (previously Toro Rosso) has been part of the F1 grid as a B-team to Red Bull. Their drivers start out there before making the jump to the main team. Other than that, development, car parts, and every other component are all shared between the two teams. This puts the other solo teams at a slight disadvantage.

As a result, McLaren are angry with Red Bull and AlphaTauri, saying that their partnership was harming the sport.  

Speaking via a column on McLaren’s website as quoted by GP Fans, McLaren CEO Zak Brown said, “The regulations, as they stand today, are heavily biased towards B-teams/customer teams which is not in line with F1’s principle of a group of genuine constructors competing with one another on even terms.

“It is diminishing what being an F1 ‘team’ means and the fabric of the sport.

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Red Bull and AlphaTauri are benefitting from each other. Source:

“F1 needs to be 10 true constructors, where each team – apart from sharing the PU (power unit) and potentially the gearbox internals – must design and produce all parts which are performance relevant. Right now, there is too much diversity in the business models between teams.”


“Trying to apply the same set of complex regulations to each, and then policing them effectively, is needlessly complicated and compromised as a result,” the American explained.

“In a nutshell, the current situation allows B-teams to be over-competitive compared to constructors, and A-teams to be over-competitive by having the benefit of a B-team.

“Without a correction, the way things stand means that any team with championship aspirations needs to have a B -team in place and that simply is not Formula 1.”

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