McLaren ‘feeling pretty good’ about the look of 2022 challenger – “There’s a nervous excitement”

McLaren revealed that they were eager to race in 2022, saying there is a heady buzz around their camp.

F1 will enter a new era due to revised technical regulations. It will be a clean slate for every team in the sport, and they will look to use that opportunity to climb up from their standing in 2021.

At Woking, things have been going on the right track. Having finished third and fourth in the Constructors’ Championship in 2020 and 2021, McLaren have revived themselves from the dead. They even won a race in 2021 after nine long years as the ultimate telltale sign.

As a result, McLaren revealed that they were eager to race in 2022 with the new season less than fifty days away.

In an exclusive interview with, team CEO Zak Brown said, “Because we’ve got no real data, other than simulation, which obviously, as you know, Formula 1 teams are very good at, there’s a nervous excitement.

“In theory, we’re feeling pretty good; we’re happy, we’re hitting the goals and objectives that we’ve set out, but because we don’t really have a baseline or anything to compare it to historically, there’s just a big element of the unknown.

McLaren is looking forward to the new season. Source: McLaren

“I think that’s what’s gonna make F1 mega exciting the year; someone’s gonna get it right, and someone’s gonna be getting it wrong. I think the grid will have an element of surprise to it. From where and how? I don’t think any of us know.”

Gaps in the lane

“I think it will, over time (level the playing field), but we in particular still have technology and infrastructure to catch up (on), i.e. wind tunnel and things of that nature,” the American commented.

“We might have what they have on an annualised basis, but we don’t have the same amount of toys (or) toy infrastructure that they have.

“I still think they’re (the top teams) coming into the new era with an advantage that I hope we and others erode over time to truly be on an equal footing, but we’re not there yet.”

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