McLaren finally adjusts car to make it Ricciardo-friendly – “We now understand”

McLaren has finally made a car suited to Daniel Ricciardo and his driving style.

Ricciardo is having a lacklustre debut season at McLaren. He has struggled to come to grips with the car, and has had poor results for a while now.

The Australian has repeatedly said that he needed time to adjust to the car. For a brief period, it looked like he had, having taken a staggering victory at Monza.

Since then, however, the Honey Badger has regressed to his pre-summer break form. To address this, McLaren have finally made a car suited to Ricciardo.

“Indeed, it was a learning process for us, we get a new driver, a very talented driver, an established driver, and he struggles in some phases of driving the car quickly,” McLaren executive director Andrea Stella said, as quoted by Planet F1.

“For example Lando, this is the only car he drove, so he doesn’t have many references from other cars. So some features, they are simply the way the car behaves in F1.

Ricciardo McLaren
Ricciardo (pictured) will have a car tailor-made for him. Source: Getty Images

“But adding a new driver, a driver that has very clear references, that helped us understand that some of these features actually we needed to improve on our side.”


Stella also explained why the update came later than expected, and what to expect from it.

“So we understood that there was work to do there. And indeed, we made some adaptations to the car,” the official continued.

“So it’s Daniel moving to the car, but there’s been a bit of the car moving to Daniel, in 2021. Some of the learning we got will essentially as much as possible be translated into next year’s car.

“So indeed, it was a useful process for McLaren. And indeed, there was something about the car that moved towards Daniel.”

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