McLaren highlights area where Norris can improve – “It is proven by facts”

McLaren highlighted the area where Lando Norris could improve in 2022, saying it was time to keep up the good work.

Norris had a great 2021 in what was only his third season in F1. He took four podium finishes, including a P2 at the Italian GP. He finished sixth overall in the Drivers’ Championship standings to cap off his best season in the sport.

However, he is relatively new to F1 compared to a lot of his colleagues on the grid. His teammate, to use the most obvious example, is a veteran of the sport. Nevertheless, he still has an exceptional season.

In spite of it, McLaren highlighted the area where Norris could improve, saying the key was to remain consistent.

As quoted by, team head of operations Andrea Stella said, “I think Lando in his third year in Formula 1, he has developed in terms of pure speed.

“I am confident to say in terms of pure speed he was one of the strongest drivers on the grid and I think this is true in all conditions. 

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Norris (pictured) had an exceptional season in 2021. Source:

“It’s enough to think that some performances in wet but also the pole position he scored in Russia was in transitional tarmac conditions. We were in Q3, we shifted from intermediates to soft compounds.”

Improvement areas

“With Lando we also worked on improving the racecraft, so the capacity to score points and I think this, in a way, is proven by the facts,” he added.

“Where I see the opportunity with Lando is on consolidating these very, very high standards that he has achieved every single session.

“So if you want a matter more for consistency of deploying this level of top performance.”

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