McLaren hopeful wishes Ricciardo more rotten luck to pave F1 entry – “Hopefully Lando can kick his a** a bit more”

The Netflix docuseries Drive to Survive may have been met with skepticism this year, but its impact in attracting a completely new set of followers to the sport is undeniable.

Perhaps the biggest market it has unlocked is in the United States, where recent reports confirmed the huge spike in viewership of F1.

This sudden surge in numbers has naturally created a growing hope amongst Americans to see a driver from their country participate in the highest level of motorsport.

IndyCar drivers have spoken in the past about their interest in entering F1, the latest of whom is Colton Herta.

He would fit the bill completely as far as American audiences are concerned and therefore becomes a viable option for certain teams to consider, especially judging by the sponsorship deals he could bring in with him.

Driving for Andretti Autosport in IndyCar, Herta recently spoke about his desire to participate in F1.

His preferred team, if he were to join, would be McLaren. Herta currently has a development deal with the team that allows him to test McLaren’s machinery and add to his knowledge of F1 cars.

This is no longer enough for him, though, and he is actively seeking a full-time role with the team if the opportunity arises.

Herta acknowledged that Daniel Ricciardo’s poor form for McLaren needs to continue for him to have any chances of making this dream a reality.

“If (Ricciardo) continues to build, I probably won’t have that opportunity, but hopefully Lando kicks his ass a bit more, so I can at least have a shot,” he said.

“I hope to get the opportunity, at least a little foot in the door to maybe show what I can do.”

Herta could also enter as Andretti’s driver

Colton Herta. Credit:

If Andretti’s proposed move to enter F1 does go through, that could also open a door into the sport for Herta.

Ricciardo is now a seasoned campaigner and will know that such things do get said from time to time.

However, he will also know that the time for him to deliver has come and that McLaren may well lose patience in him if he is unable to rescue his woeful start to the 2022 season.

He is yet to pick up any points in the opening two races, while teammate Norris has managed to get 6 points with a P7 finish in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Ricciardo will hope his home country will spark a return to the sort of form that saw his name taken amongst the most talented drivers on the grid.

Failing that, he now knows he has competition in the wings.

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