McLaren ‘impromptu’ livery reveal was actually a ‘planned marketing masterstroke’

Livery and car reveals are usually left by most teams for the month of February, but McLaren upped its game by calling an impromptu meeting to showcase its 2024 challenger. While it was believed that it all happened due to a ‘leak’, it has now been attributed as a ‘planned masterstroke’ by the Woking-based outfit.

The team barely spoke of any livery reveal on its social media channels ahead of the event as they continued to build on the suspense of what its challenger will look like, much like other teams on the grid. However, F1 journalist Nate Saunders has discovered that the plan was always in place to do what they did and it was just a way to garner even more eyeballs.

The team revealed its car on social media and Saunders, who was speaking on the UNLAPPED podcast, discussed McLaren’s marketing masterstroke.

“I’ve always felt that the team that did that kind of thing got the most press exposure because you’re really out on your and that’s the only car around,” Saunders said.

While a number of teams will reveal their liveries next month, social media has been abuzz this week ovr McLaren alone. This sort of a situation was unlikely to take place when multiple teams would showcase their cars in the space of a few days.

If we look back to last season, the MCL60 was arguably the poorest developed of all the cars that went on show in February. However, they soon worked hard on their car to ensure that they could be competitive, even if they weren’t challenging for Grand Prix wins.

Following the Austrian GP, both Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri seemed to display a sense of positivity regarding the car. On most occasions, it seemed like McLaren was the second-fastest car on the grid behind Red Bull and in that sense, it was a great comeback.

They eventually tied the season with Ferrari on nine podiums, which undoubtedly gives them the belief that if they can get things right at an early stage this year, there will be a lot more to fight for.

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