McLaren reveals confidence in Ricciardo – “He created a good foundation for development”

McLaren revealed their confidence in Daniel Ricciardo, saying that he has been amazing for the team all around.

Ricciardo joined McLaren at the beginning of 2021. He had a mixed season, with some real lows and some absolutely dizzying highs. The peak of the latter came at the 2021 Italian GP, when he took a staggering victory against all the odds.

His time at the Woking-based team has been eventful indeed, and he will stay in 2022. As such, McLaren revealed their confidence in Daniel Ricciardo, saying that he provided the team with much to work on.

As quoted by GP Fans, McLaren executive racing director Andrea Stella said, “We know there is more to come with Daniel.

“In a way, we have a sort of development plan and I’m looking forward to being able to see what we will be able to do next year with Daniel.

“I am very optimistic from this point of view, and let me just say that working with him is a real pleasure. He creates a really nice atmosphere in the team which is a good foundation for the technical and driving development.”

Ricciardo providing McLaren with a foundation for development
Ricciardo (pictured) has so much more in store. Source:

Not always on him

Many have blamed Ricciardo for underperforming at McLaren. However, Stella came to the defence of his driver.

“The progress through the season has been tangible,” he said.

“Even if we look at Saudi, and I want to say that because this may have been a low piece of information but actually he was very quick in qualifying.

“You might remember in Q1 he was P3 or something and then in Q2 actually there was damage to the car on a kerb which took Daniel out of contention. Otherwise, his performance in qualifying in Saudi would have been very strong.”

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