Mercedes leads call for additional winter break in F1 schedule amidst growingly intense calendar

The Formula 1 race calendar is getting bigger by the year and next season, there are even more races on the schedule than ever before.

Keeping an eye on preventing driver fatigue and also managing the workload of various team members involved, Formula 1 is pondering an additional mandatory shutdown during the winter.

This would be similar to the two-week break that is currently observed during the summer period which is in place to cater to the wellbeing of every team’s personnel.

24 races are planned for next season and some teams have voiced their concerns over how intense this would be for their personnel.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has supported this idea as he believes even during this season, his team members are literally “on the limit”.

“I think it’s great that the season finishes this couple of weeks earlier than in the past, because everyone is really in the limit,” Wolff said.

“I think we plan to introduce a shutdown in the coming year.

“Not everybody is in agreement, but I would very much hope that we can do that for our staff and having this one week or two weeks more is definitely a nice welcome.

“For the race team that’s clocking many airline miles that’s a positive.”

Christmas break in store?

Toto Wolff. Source:

As things stand, current F1 regulations mandate a two-week break during August which is sandwiched between an overall four-week gap between races.

“Many of us team principals would like to replicate what we have in the summer, at least starting with Christmas and then going into the new year for two weeks,” Wolff said.

“Obviously, that’s still up for discussion, but there was positive indication. It’s about the wellbeing of the staff.”

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