Mercedes-Bose partnership in danger of ending due to Wolff rage

The Mercedes-Bose partnership seems to be in danger of ending due to the actions of team principal Toto Wolff.

Sponsors seem to be getting dropped left and right recently. A few days ago, Mission Winnow disappeared from Ferrari’s sponsors’ list. Now Mercedes has joined the list of teams severing ties with their sponsors, as two big ones were missing from their list.

Those two companies are Epson and Bose. While the reason for the former’s snub is unknown, there can be speculations made about the latter.

Rewind to the Saudi Arabian GP, where Wolff threw his Bose headphones to the ground in a fit of rage. Given the spotless record between the two big companies, it came as quite a surprise.

As a result, the Mercedes-Bose partnership seems to be in real danger of ending, especially given the snub on Mercedes’ sponsor list.

Because of this, Mercedes could end up being a lone Wolff. Source: Getty Images

Who’s the Bose?

At Jeddah, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen and his Mercedes counterpart Lewis Hamilton were battling for the lead. Suddenly, the former ended up slamming the brakes a little too hard, causing the latter to crash into the back of his car.

The camera shifted to an incensed Wolff, who dashed his Bose headset to the table. The device broke into two pieces, with only a wire keeping it glued together.

The memes never stopped pouring after the Mercedes boss slammed Bose down, but some considered it disrespectful to the latter. However, if they really ended their partnership because of that, there is much to digest.

It’s possible that it could be one of the reasons, but if Wolff smashing the headset was the definitive one, Bose needs to learn to handle situations better.

This is especially true considering the publicity they got after the incident, making a cool profit of around $25,000 in sales and through social media.

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