Mercedes brutally roasts Horner for his cheeky attempt to get insider information

Mercedes brutally roasted Red Bull team principal Christian Horner after his cheeky attempt to scout their factory.

Horner led Red Bull in their political battle against Mercedes in 2021. The rivalry was defined by sharp words, jibes, barbs and insults, and lasted for the entire season.

Even after the season concluded, it seems the Red Bull boss cannot let it go. Recently, he won a $5,000 bid at an awards function. His prize was securing a guided tour of Mercedes’ Brackley headquarters, which was hilarious considering the rough history between both parties.

In response to his trolling, Mercedes brutally roasted Horner, saying that perhaps he should read terms and conditions before trying a stunt like that.

As quoted by, the team responded to the possibility of Horner visiting their factory with his Red Bull buddies, saying, “We haven’t discussed it yet.

“But to do so, we’d have to waive the terms and conditions under which it (the tour) was offered. Always pays to read the small print!”

The Red Bull camp may have looked like this after Horner’s actions. Source:

Indeed, the tour of the factory has it written that it won’t permit “employees of other Formula 1 teams”, something Horner probably failed to read.

Grade-A trolling

However, we tip our hats to Christian, for only he can wind up people in this kind of fashion and give fans some solid laughs.

“I’d like to take Adrian (Newey), Pierre Wache, maybe Paul Field, our head of production,” Horner smiled and said after winning the bid and picking a Mercedes tour.

“It will be very interesting to see how Mercedes spends its budget.”

Mercedes spoiled the party by refusing him. The way they did it, however, was a fitting reply to Horner’s sass.

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