Mercedes comments on fuel change – “Largest regulation change we’ve had since 2014”

Mercedes commented on the fuel change for 2022 in accordance with the new regulations, saying it was a significant part of the whole ordeal.

F1 made the switch to sustainable fuel in 2022. It is a step in the right direction regarding the sport’s commitment to the environment. The new E10 fuel model is a mixture of fossil fuel and ethanol in a 9:1 ratio.

Every team on the grid has gotten to work with their new tools. There haven’t been many complaints regarding the new energy source, but now one manufacturer has voiced a concern.

Mercedes commented on the fuel change for 2022, saying it was a monumental aspect of the new era.

As quoted by, Mercedes F1 engine chief Hywel Thomas said in a video, “When most people are talking about the 2022 regulations, they’re talking about a brand new car, and what the influence of that brand new car is going to be, but there are a couple of changes on the PU side, and they’re quite important.

“The change this year to go into the E10 is probably the largest regulation change we’ve had since 2014.

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Mercedes is all set for the 2022 season. Source:

“So it was a sizeable undertaking to make sure that we really developed that fuel, and the number of candidates that we had, the single cylinder running, the V6 running, it shouldn’t be underestimated how much work that took.”

Different gravy

“The 2022 car is very, very different,” he continued.  

“We know the aerodynamics are different, and from all of the things we’ve been told, we believe that the car will be doing slightly different things and the requests from the drivers will be different as they go through the corners compared to previous years.

“We’ve got simulations, we’ve done all our calculations and we’ve modified the engine and the way that the engine drives in order for us to be ready to react for when the driver puts the power on, perhaps in a slightly different way at a different time.”

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