Mercedes W13 release gets trolled on social media after getting termed “worst livery of 2022”

Mercedes has made a noticeable change as far its livery is concerned in 2022. This has not been met with the greatest of receptions, with many fans branding the new colour combination as being “awful”.

Mercedes’ new W13 was unveiled on Friday ahead of pre-season testing which will take place in Barcelona next week.

For the past two seasons, Mercedes has used a distinctly black livery. However, it decided to move back to more familiar colours with its 2022 challenger.

The black livery was predominantly used by the Silver Arrows as part of their campaign against racism.

In 2022, Mercedes will use a livery that uses red, blue and black.

Many Mercedes fans were quick to voice their disapproval over social media, terming it the “worst livery of 2022”.

There was even some advice coming in from certains sections.

No sense of entitlement: Wolff

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff was in an upbeat mood during the release of the car. He did, however, say that the team does not believe it is entitled to perform at the top just based on its past results.

George Russell in the Mercedes W13. Credit:

“The hopes are that we have a competitive car, it is not a given with the new regulations,” Wolff said, as quoted by Formula 1 News.

“People are saying are we going to win another title and we don’t know if we are even in the hunt for another title.

“What I know is this team has always has been able, even if circumstances were difficult like at the beginning of last year, to just dig ourselves out of a disadvantage situation.”

Wolff remained optimistic about the chances of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell heading into the upcoming season.

“Wherever the car is I’m sure we’ll be doing everything to competitive.

“So my hope is that the car goes fast, and that Lewis and George are happy with how it drives. That would be a good starting point.”

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