Mercedes makes prediction regarding 2022 – “All of this year’s cars will look fairly similar”

Mercedes have made a prediction regarding 2022, saying all the new cars will be similar cosmetically.

2022 will see new regulations introduced into the sport. There will be changes made to the aerodynamic rules, meaning cars will be able to do wheel-to-wheel-racing and overtaking more often and with greater ease.

As a result, it was predicted that there would be very intense and close racing in the upcoming season. The midfield and the rear end will be able to take the fight to the top teams, at least on paper.

Mercedes made a prediction regarding 2022, saying when it comes to the looks, all the cars will be the same.

In a video explaining the technical changes for F1’s new era, Mercedes technical director Mike Elliott explained his viewpoint of things, and provided an overview if how things might look when the new season rolls around.

Mercedes expect "fairly similar" solutions for F1 2022 cars
The 2022 Mercedes car will look the same as its rivals. Source:

“The new car looks completely different to last year’s and that is just a consequence of the regulations, they are very much a different shape,” he said, as quoted by GP Fans.

Visual details

“The complexity we used to have around the bargeboard area has gone and the differences between the cars are going to be more in the surface shapes,” Elliott explained.

“As a result, I think that all of this year’s cars will look fairly similar, have similar shapes and the differences will all be subtle changes in aerodynamic shapes and the surfaces we have got particularly under the car.

“Probably the most visual of that will be how the floor works. The strakes at the leading edge and the shape and camber to the floor will make a difference and completely affect how the car works.”

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