A Mercedes team boss thinks Max Verstappen should win the championship, and bet against his parent team in the process.

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton is a challenger for the Drivers’ Championship, but he finds himself in second place and twelve points behind Verstappen. Hamilton is gunning for title number eight, having won seven in his illustrious career, including six of the last seven.

Meanwhile, Verstappen is fighting for a maiden championship. He has never fought for the title before, and this marks the first time he is in contention for one. Fending off Hamilton is not an easy feat, so it would be heroic if he pulls it off.

However, a Mercedes team boss thinks Verstappen should win the championship, saying that he would like a fresh face to be champion. This is despite the fact that he works for Mercedes.

The man in question is Hubert Haupt, who owns and drives for a team with three Mercedes cars. He told Sport1, “I think it’s time for someone other than Hamilton to become world champion.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are going head-to-head for the F1 crown in 2021
Hamilton (left) trails Verstappen (right) as F1 heads to Mexico. Source: express.co.uk

“In terms of Formula 1, it would be huge for Red Bull to win the title, so I hope Verstappen manages it.”

Two hurdles

The next two races are set to take place in Mexico and Brazil. Although Verstappen’s lead is by no means a safe one, Haupt reckons that should he win the next two races, he can start dreaming about being champion

“There are still a few more circuits that suit Mercedes, but if Max scores well in the next two races, he will have the nerve to hang onto it,” the 52-year-old said.

The title is set to have an epic conclusion to it. Five races and loads of points are left to go, so there is absolutely no conclusion yet.

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