Mercedes uses surging George Russell social media popularity in 1970s-inspired makeover to delight fans

Mercedes driver George Russell had a somewhat scrappy second season at the team where he was often left frustrated with how things panned out on the track. However, the 25-year-old still offered plenty of meme-worthy content to his team’s social media admin and literally no opportunity was missed.

This tradition seems to have continued in the off-season as well, with the Mercedes social media handle once again using George Russell in a dramatic 1970s makeover.

Mercedes has left no stone unturned in using Russell’s social media popularity to garner views and delight fans. Even recently, the team used a picture of Cillian Murphy from the Golden Globes Awards and wondered whether he was a Russell doppelganger.

The Silver Arrows have now turned to AI to imagine what Russell might have looked like if he was racing in the 70s and the picture seems to suggest he wouldn’t have looked out of place alongside the likes of Emerson Fittipaldi, Sir Jackie Stewart, James Hunt and Graham Hill.

One does wonder whether fellow teammate Lewis Hamilton has given some strict instructions against doing similar things with his images, but it seems like Mercedes simply can’t help itself with Russell.

The trend used by Mercedes has been making waves in recent weeks, with Ferrari employing the same technology with respect to its driver Charles Leclerc. However, in their case, they turned the clock further back to the 1930s.

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