Mercedes and Wolff pushing for Volkswagen F1 entry – “Will compromise to make it happen”

Mercedes and Toto Wolff are keen to bring Volkswagen in F1.

The rumours of Volkswagen joining the F1 grid are getting stronger. This coincides with the rumours of engine set-ups being revamped from 2026 onwards. There was a meeting held recently regarding the engine issue, and it involved all the bigwigs of F1. It also involved representatives from current and potential engine manufacturers, with Volkswagen among the latter.

F1’s turbo-hybrid era has seen the power units include two systems, called the MGU-H and the MGU-K. The former recovers and stores energy to and from the turbocharger, while the latter stores kinetic energy from the brakes, and sends it to the wheels. The new changes will have the MGU-H element dropped, and new mechanisms integrated.

The new power units will ensure F1’s commitment to the environment. Wolff spoke about the issue, and said that Mercedes are open to Volkswagen in F1. He explained that doing away with MGU-H was a compromise, but it was a compromise they are willing to make if it means Volkswagen would enter F1.

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“I can’t speak for anybody else, but at Mercedes, we are prepared to enter in order to facilitate the entry of the Volkswagen Group,” Wolff said, as quoted by CarScoops. “But there are several other topics where compromise needs to be found.”

Will Volkswagen look to debut with Audi or Porsche?

Volkswagen was represented by two companies they own – Audi and Porsche. Both are pioneers in sustainable engine development. The latter is of particular importance, given Porsche has their own e-fuel racing programme.

The company from Stuttgart even built an engine for the 2021 regulations, so their interest in F1 is significant.

With Honda leaving F1 after this season, F1 will only have three engine suppliers who are car manufacturers – Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari. They would love another one to join their ranks.

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