“Michael is now sitting at the dinner table”: Former teammate delivers heartwarming update on Schumacher’s road to recovery

Fans across the globe have waited patiently for over a decade to hear some positive news about legendary F1 driver Michael Schumacher. We may just have received it from his friend and former teammate Johnny Herbert, who says that Michael is now “sitting at the table for dinner”.

Michael Schumacher. Credit: thetimes.co.uk
Michael Schumacher. Credit: thetimes.co.uk

Herbert and Schumacher raced together for Benetton and although he said he is only relaying information he has received from a close source, it certainly proves that Michael’s recovery is on the right track.

Having been involved in a tragic skiing accident in 2013, life for the Schumacher family has never been the same again.

Michael Schumacher on road to recovery?

Michael continues to get assistance from a dedicated group of 25 doctors and assistants as he gets treated at his family residence in Geneva.

“I hear bits only second hand. I hear, from those within F1, he does sit at the table for dinner but don’t know if that is true. I can only read between the lines,” Herbert said.

The health of Michael has always been kept private owing to the wish of the iconic German driver. Fans still hope for the day he will make a public appearance. He will reportedly attend his daughter Gina’s wedding in the summer as well, which gives reason for optimism regarding his current state.

“That has carried on from his racing days. I don’t feel things have moved on in a way that many of us who knew him and many of his fans around the world want to see,” Herbert said.

Michael Schumacher. Credit: formula1news.co.uk
Michael Schumacher. Credit: formula1news.co.uk

“They’d love to know, we’d all love to know that things are moving on in a positive way. But because we don’t have any information, we can only assume that he is not yet in a position where there is a chance of a recovery.

“In my opinion, and I must stress this, because we haven’t heard anything from the family, it shows that unfortunately he is probably in the similar situation as he was straight after the accident. It doesn’t seem they have moved much, if at all.

“I suppose the family is waiting for science to come up with something that will hopefully bring back the Michael we all knew and for the people who only saw him through the television pictures when he was being dynamic on a race track. That is above all else what we want to see.”

Todt’s disappointing update about Schumacher

Only a select group of individuals have been allowed to meet Schumacher, with a new addition to the list. Former team boss Jean Todt, who is known to be close to the Schumacher family also spoke about how he still watches races with Michael. However, he conceded that Michael is not the person he once was.

Michael Schumacher and Jean Todt. Credit: marca.com
Michael Schumacher and Jean Todt. Credit: marca.com

“He is simply not the Michael he used to be. He is different and is wonderfully guided by his wife and children who protect him,” he said recently.

“His life is different now and I have the privilege of sharing moments with him. That’s all there is to say. Unfortunately, fate struck him ten years ago. He is no longer the Michael we knew in Formula 1.”

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