Mick not excited about Saudi Arabian GP – “Backmarkers will pay the price”

Mick Schumacher is not excited about the Saudi Arabian GP, saying that racers at the back will be in for a very demanding race.

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit seems fast and exciting, but racing with 19 other cars on it is a whole other matter. The narrow sections and multiple flat-out lanes mean that everything comes at the drivers very quickly.

Crashes and collisions cannot be ruled out, but they will be a problem for some drivers more than others. Should there be an incident up front, those at the back would be severely slowed down, leading to more problems thereafter.

Mick revealed that he was not excited about the Saudi Arabian GP, and questioned the fate of backmarkers like himself during the race.

As quoted by the Race, when asked if he felt the track was safe, Mick replied, “I think that’s something we will find out tomorrow.

“Right now, my first feeling is that if something happens in the front, there’s a high chance that the people in the back will pick it up, and depending on what spot, that can be at very high speeds.

Motor Racing Formula One World Championship Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Qualifying Day Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
All aesthetic and glamourous until it’s not. Source: the-race.com

“If everything goes right, that’s great, but if not, then maybe we’ll pay the price. I don’t know right now, but let’s hope everything goes well and everybody stays safe.”

Scope for improvement

However, the Haas driver agreed that the track could always be improved for future races, and that the authorities will be looking at what can be done to offer a better racing experience.

“There are too many opportunities of it going wrong around the lap and again we don’t want to wait until something big happens,” he continued.

“But I think they will have a look at it and analyse what they can do better for.”

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