Mick chose not to use father Michael Schumacher’s surname during initial years and still feels its burden

Recently-appointed Mercedes reserve driver Mick Schumacher has put two disappointing years at Haas behind himself.

He showed glimpses of promise, but his boss Guenther Steiner had told him from the beginning that points would be integral for him to extend his stay at the team.

For even the most casual F1 fan, it is easy to draw up the conclusion that Mick being in F1 has a lot to do with his father Michael Schumacher.

This is not to say that he doesn’t have the required talent to cut it out at the top, but his father being such a legend in the sport definitely aided his case in finding a full-time seat two years ago.

If for nothing else, just branding opportunities, owing to the rich legacy of his surname.

However, this was a pretty daunting task for Mick, as he has gone on to explain what living in his father’s shadow felt like.

Michael Schumacher was a prodigy and is still regarded by many as the finest driver to grace the sport.

Back during his racing career, it was normal to see fans come in thousands just to catch a glimpse of Michael’s talent.

It is obvious that links and comparisons would be drawn to Mick from the beginning.

In his formative years, he used his mother’s maiden name Betsch to race, before switching to his given surname when he made his F4 entry.

Does Mick feel the pressure of Schumacher surname?

Mick Schumacher. Credit: mercedesamg.com
Mick Schumacher. Credit: mercedesamg.com

His switch to Mercedes has also been seen in the same light as Michael’s move to the German outfit.

Mick is only a reserve driver, though, and explained the downside of his surname, but admitted the perks outweigh this.

“The name Schumacher has its perks and has its downsides,” Schumacher said.

“But one good thing is that obviously I’ve been in the paddock ever since I was a young kid and I’ve been able to meet so many great people, be it at Ferrari, at Mercedes, that I will go and see and consult with.

“Just to get the full picture for myself on what I feel is needed to, again, put me in a position where I’m the most comfortable, but also I’m sure of getting the most out of next year if it’s driving or if it’s not driving.”

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