Mick Schumacher makes emotional statement regarding father Michael Schumacher

Mick Schumacher has made an emotional statement regarding his father Michael Schumacher, on the heels of the namesake Netflix documentary’s release.

The Michael Schumacher documentary, titled ‘Schumacher’ will premiere on Netflix next week, on 15 September to be exact. With the date drawing closer, his son Mick gave another tribute to the legend.

The statement Mick made took place eight years from Schumacher’s horrific skiing accident, which resulted in a head injury for the seven-time champion. The Haas driver idolises his father and has made no secret of it. Mick made an emotional statement regarding his father on this occasion.

“Since the accident, these experiences, these moments that I think many people have with their parents are no longer present, or they are but less, and in my opinion, it is something unfair,” Mick said.

Michael Schumacher documentary 'emotional' to watch, says Mick | Planet F1
The Schumacher family (pictured) will be featured extensively in the new Netflix documentary. Source: planetf1.com

The youngster then expressed his regret at not being able to share his highs and lows with his father, and said that he would do anything to get that wish of his.

“I think Dad and I, we understand each other now in a different way simply because we speak a similar language, the language of the engine, and would have much to talk about,” the rookie said.

“That is my head most time, thinking that would be so cool. I would leave everything just for that”

Against all odds

Mick is going through a lot, yet he smiles in the face of adversity. He is facing issues with his teammate, his team and the general lack of results in his career. However, nothing has deterred him, as he continues to put in shifts every race weekend, and has been the only bright spot of the shambolic Haas team.

With his seat confirmed for the next season, Mick will want to continue his development. When he feels he is ready, he can be picked up by another team. He is at the bottom of the ladder at the moment. However, given his potential and talent, he could climb the rungs in the coming years and join his father at the top.

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