Montreal Grand Prix in jeopardy after circuit gets submerged in water following torrential downpour

Montreal has not played host to a Grand Prix since 2019, but with things now returning to normal in the sporting arenas around the world, it was set to be one of the most awaited race events on this year’s calendar.

While weather has been somewhat of a spoilsport in recent years, if it continues to bucket down the way it has over the past few days, the entire race might be in jeopardy.

In pictures shared by Alpine F1 and the official F1 account on Twitter, the track looked almost like a lake, including the pitlane!

Alpine F1 shared a funny post that showed just how waterlogged the entire circuit has become.

Even the paddock could not get any respite and torrential rains meant everyone was ducking for cover, as can be seen in this post shared by Formula 1 on Twitter.

If you trace your mind back to 2011, there was a similar situation that had panned out ahead of the race.

It meant that the main event had to be postponed by a few hours, but the wait was totally worth it!

In one of the greatest races in recent memory, Jenson Button worked his way from the back of the grid and overtook Sebastian Vettel in the final lap to take top honours.

While the weather forecast does suggest that it will be far drier on race day, the track has already taken a lot of water.

If the race does go ahead, it promises to have plenty of drama and it is definitely one that F1 fans would be looking forward to.

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