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MotoGP riders have issued a warning to F1 before the US GP, saying the track is not suitable for racing at all.

This Sunday, MotoGP will race at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA). F1 will do the same on 24 October, 2021. The track has been deemed terrible for racing by multiple riders. It has also been classified as unsafe.

As a result, the MotoGP riders have issued a warning to F1 before the US GP, informing their F1 counterparts of the dangers of COTA.  

As reported by FormulaNerds, Championship leader Fabio Quartararo said, “It’s really bad.

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COTA (pictured) has been deemed unsafe by MotoGP riders. Source: autosport.com

“I can’t imagine it, we said three years ago they need to resurface and it’s even worse. It’s just acceptable to race, I don’t know what to say. But it’s a joke.

“I usually don’t go to the safety commission, but when there is something serious, I will go and today something serious that for the safety is… the track is unsafe. It’s clear to say that it’s not great and we need to resurface everything.”

Popular opinion

Ducati rider and championship contender Francesco Bagnaia echoed Quartararo’s sentiments, saying, “I don’t know, we will speak in the safety commission.

“I’m sure that some riders will have the opinion to don’t race, but obviously someone will say it’s raceable and we have to race. So, it’s strange because we are playing to be always (at) the top and (around) this track you can’t go on the limit, because every lap you are over the limit.

“And I think it’s over the limit about safety. So, we will speak after and we will take a decision,” he concluded.

F1 will do well to listen to the MotoGP riders. The track in the USA seems very unsafe for racing and any sort of fast-paced action. It will be need to be addressed by the FIA and the authorities in due time.

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