New photos have emerged showing Lewis Hamilton being at fault for the Italian GP crash.

The main talking point after the weekend at Monza was the Hamilton-Verstappen crash. The two title rivals collided midway into the race, and took each other out. The DNFs meant Verstappen still led the WDC by a slim five points.

Fans have been debating and discussing as to who was at fault since the second they touched. The FIA took Hamilton’s said, stating with proof that Verstappen was aggressive and entry and was predominantly to blame.

The Dutchman was hit with a three-place grid penalty for the incident, which he will serve at the Russian GP. Now, however, some new evidence with the capability of altering the narrative has emerged.

F1 photographer Peter van Egmond has released images that show the crash from a different angle. The snapper is a true veteran in the photography industry, and especially in clicking F1 pictures.

He has been doing the job for nearly four decades, and has been doing a mighty fine job at it too. He clicked some pictures of the incident, and they have restarted the discussion.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton during the 2021 Italian Grand Prix
The Italian GP crash, as captured by van Egmond. Source:

Framed evidence

Displaying his pictures, van Egmond said, as reported by GP Blog, “When I look at these pictures I feel that Max was really committed, and I see Lewis looking at Max in his mirror. In my view, this is where he steers a bit extra to the left.

“Here you can already see that Lewis doesn’t make the apex. Maybe that’s because he has cold tyres, but I have a feeling he is deliberately forcing Max out. Max is obviously trying to stay off those sausage kerbs, but Lewis could have steered to the right here in my opinion.

“If you go back in that picture you see Lewis looking very excessively in his mirrors, while Max is just looking where he wants to go,” he concluded.

We will leave it up to you, our readers, to have a look and draw your conclusion. What’s for sure is that no matter whose side you pick, your camp will be opposed by one as large as yours.

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  1. Load of bolox anyone who has raced knows Max should have turned left and given up
    Because he was on hot tyres and LH was on cold. Max is a twat

  2. Really? Peter van Egmond a Dutch photographer supports Max Verstappen Dutch driver… what a surprise!

    I don’t think the photo shown in this article actually shows any ‘proof’ at all. It’s a nice photo. And you may be right, but you could equally say he’s looking towards the large object sliding towards his head?

    I am English. I think both Lewis and Max are great racing drivers. But in my opinion, Mr Hamilton has a tenancy to put his foot in his mouth and make very dubious fashion choices. And.. Max hasn’t won many extra fans by saying ‘that’s what you get when you don’t leave the space and not even checking if Lewis was OK after the crash

    Personally I think they were both to blame to shine extent

    • Steve – Max did not look at him because he was still with his feet on the gas pedal trying to get out. And the first aid car did not bother to stop either

    • Welp… How about Lewis checking if Max was okay after his 51G crash in Silverstone? Lewis celebrated his win like never before while Max was in hospital.

      I bet Max would’ve checked upon Lewis if he wasn’t so eager to loosen himself out of the gravel.

      • I do wish folk would stop going on about this, he asked if Max was ok during the race over the radio, and they said yes. He and his team celebrated the win as Max would have done, then found out in the interview afterwards that Max went to hospital “as a precaution”.

  3. Why publish this story of photos that supposedly tells a different story than what everyone knows and then not put the photos so the reader can appreciate or disagree with the conclusion these photos give?

  4. This will probably be arqued the rest of the season, but it’s the punishment max got compared to Hamilton that gets me, there’s no regularity to it ! 3 places for a low speed incident compared to a 51g crash into the tyres which only 10seconds

  5. I disagree that Lewis is a dirty driver. Max is very much more aggressive and would never give ground, it’s in his DNA. Lewis actually avoided the incident early in the race when Max shoved him off the track, Lewis moved out of the way. Max has managed to hit other cars more in 7 years than Lewis has in double that. Max cannot admit he is ever wrong which makes him dangerous. This is actually an unbiased opinion even though you won’t believe it, I like McLaren.

  6. I have clear video evidence that shows Max closing fast on Lewis clearly mouthing ‘Get out of my way you ****er or I’ll ram you!’ And this proves conclusively he was solely responsible and should actually be banned for life and only allowed to ride electric scooters on private land. I won’t obviously share this evidence with you though!


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