F1 has announced a new synthetic fuel for the 2030 season, and has claimed that it will cut emissions by 65%, as reported by RaceFans.

The sport is targeting the 2030 season for the introduction of this new fuel formula. They claim that it will match the current levels of performance that are being achieved in the 2021 cars, while also putting up fantastic sustainability numbers.

The fuel will be developed exclusively in laboratories, and will be produced from carbon, waste and biomass. This will create a fuel that will be renewable, produce fewer emissions when burned, and will cut out greenhouse gas release by at least 65%.

It is being reported that many car manufacturers, including F1 teams, are investing in synthetic fuels to do their bit for the environment. In a world which contains almost 1.5 billion automobiles, it becomes imperative to come up with alternatives for petrol.

Porsche might return to Formula 1 if it switches to synthetic fuels
F1 is looking to make the switch to synthetic fuels in the next decade. Source: autoblog.com


There are some difficulties with switching to synthetic fuels. Most of it is down to production scale. Worldwide consumption of petrol and other such traditional fuels is projected to be 15.9 billion litres per day.

To put that into perspective, Porsche is planning on building a synthetic fuel production plant in Chile. This plant is projected to produce 550 million litres of synthetic fuel by 2026. It is a number that is dwarfed by the petrol consumption number, and is thus a headache for those pioneering this switch.

Moreover, the process of harnessing electricity to produce liquid fuel is less efficient than using said electricity to run a car. When it comes to F1’s hybrid cars, their performance is way better than the cars in Formula E. As a result, maintaining those levels of performance will be easier said than done.

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