Newey proposes alternative to budget cap – “Can see few worrying grey areas”

Red Bull’s Adrian Newey has proposed an alternative to the much-talked about budget cap in Formula 1.

The budget cap is something F1 and the FIA introduced at the start of the season, in order to get teams on more or less the same level from then on out. As is the case with any sport, bigger teams spend more and more often than not have more success. But with the budget cap, there is a limit to how much said teams can spend, and that has put a dent into their plans.

Newey is not the biggest fan of the new regulation, and has proposed an alternative to the budget cap.

“If the budget cap can be monitored safely and equally for everyone, I have no problem with it,” Newey said, as reported by Planet F1.

Adrian Newey holding a clipboard. Portugal May 2021
Adrian Newey (pictured) is not a fan of the new budget cap. Source:

“But I still see a few grey areas and that worries me. As an engineer, I like to be creative with the tools available to me. If there are fewer, no problem.

“I think it would be better if the possibilities of development work were restricted. Today, this is mainly determined by aerodynamics. If one were to be even more restrictive with tools like the wind tunnel or CFD, that would severely restrict development capacities and one would not have to employ hordes of aerodynamicists.

“That would result in less output and thus less burden on the design office and the production department. A token system could then be introduced to limit the number of changes. Such a system would likely be more effective,” he explained.

Not having it

Newey reckoned that the budget cap has not had the desired effect, and has hurt Red Bull financially through no fault of theirs.

“The rules state everything on the car should be rigid. We all know that’s not possible,” he said.

“There are various bending tests for this and the FIA ​​reserves the right to change these tests if necessary. That’s okay so far. The test criteria have been in place for a number of years. Alfa Romeo had asked the FIA ​​earlier this year if anything would change about that and the answer was no. But it was changed after all.”

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