Lewis Hamilton’s brother Nicholas hits out at FIA for ruining the season– “They broke their own rules”

Nicholas Hamilton blasted the FIA for ruining the season, saying that they were the villains of Abu Dhabi.

Nicholas’ brother Lewis was handed the worst end of the stick on Sunday despite thoroughly deserving to win the championship. He was robbed by the FIA’s bizarre decision that favoured the fresh tyre-carrying Max Verstappen, who overtook him on the last lap to take his maiden world championship.

The Safety Car episode was a complete shambles, and at a time when people expected Verstappen or Hamilton to mess up the season for everyone, it was Michael Masi and the FIA who were the final villains in the tale.

Mercedes protested the decisions, but the stewards overruled them. As it stands, Verstappen remains the world champion. Subsequently, Nicholas Hamilton blasted the FIA for ruining the season, saying that they were the ones who made it political.

Taking to Instagram, the brother of Lewis Hamilton uploaded a post with the caption “The true champion.

“The FIA broke their own rules, which is a disgrace to our whole sport.”

Nicholas then praised his family and talked about their class.

“Regardless of being mistreated today, the Hamiltons were humble in defeat,” he added.

“My father, the guy who raised us, congratulating Max & his father Jos. People can say what they like, but my Father’s gesture proves all of the doubters & haters wrong & shows who we are as ‘The Hamilton’s’.”

Class act

“Proving people wrong is in our DNA, which Lewis does on a daily basis,” he continued.

“With utter professionalism & decency in defeat, even though we all know, that he was let down by the sport that he has given so much to.

“Congratulations to Max for such a fantastic season from him,” he concluded.

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