Nico Rosberg makes grim prediction for Ferrari driver – “He doesn’t have it in him to be world champion”

Former world champion Nico Rosberg believes that while Ferrari has found a gem in Charles Leclerc, the team should rethink its options with respect to teammate Carlos Sainz.

Sainz almost won his first F1 race at the Canadian Grand Prix, but eventually had to settle for second spot behind a highly skilful Max Verstappen.

This has egged on Sainz’s dubious record on the all-time list of drivers with most podium finishes without a win. He is currently placed third on that count.

Rosberg was speaking on Sky Sports’ Any Driven Monday, where he said that Sainz does not have the ability to challenge Leclerc at Ferrari, adding that he was a “decent driver” who lacks the ability to become a world champion.

“Sainz has got it in him to be a good, decent driver within Ferrari. But at the moment he has not got it in him to be a world champion,” Rosberg said.

“Because on performance, [Charles] Leclerc has been outdriving him every single race this year. So there he still needs to find quite a bit of progress to be on level terms with Leclerc, he is still somewhat away from there.”

“That comes as quite a surprise after last year but of course the car is completely different so maybe it takes him more time to get on top of things.”

Rosberg praises Verstappen’s skill

Max Verstappen. Credit:

Rosberg was full of praise for Verstappen, who he believed showed great ability to starve off any threat from a late Sainz assault in Montreal.

“It has been a couple of super-impressive races from Max. He is so confident and driving at such an impressive level,” he said.

“He drove to perfection in difficult circumstances in qualifying and the pressure from Sainz in the race is not to be underestimated.

“Inside the car it is a horrible feeling. You have done everything perfectly and then because of the Safety Car you suddenly have the Ferrari behind you in a triple DRS zone putting so much pressure on.

“If you make the slightest of mistakes, he is through but Max managed that so perfectly.”

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