Niki Lauda’s widow Birgit Wetzinger sues his own foundation for €30m – “It would make him turn in his grave”

Niki Lauda’s widow Birgit Wetzinger has filed a case to sue the Formula 1 legend’s own foundation for close to €30 million, almost four years after the iconic driver’s demise.

Niki and Birgit got married in 2008 and have two children together — twins Max and Mia.

It has been reported by reputed German publication Bild that Birgit is suing the foundation that was set up initially to ensure the wellbeing of his family financially into future generations.

Birgit Wetzinger and Niki Lauda. Credit:
Birgit Wetzinger and Niki Lauda. Credit:

The organisation was set up in 1997, well before Niki and Birgit had first met.

It was made following Niki’s split with his first wife and following the birth of his first two sons Lukas and Mathias.

The terms of the agreement with the foundation meant that a monthly sum of €20,000 would be sent to Birgit apart from the maintenance fee for their two villas in Vienna and Ibiza, plus three cars.

Apart from this, Birgit also gets money from the foundation to pay for maids, tuition fees and even vacations!

The fact that Birgit has taken legal action against the firm has understandably caused quite a commotion in Niki Lauda’s extended family, with a friend confessing: “Niki would turn in his grave!”

“Birgit initiated these proceedings,” the friend, who requested anonymity, continued.

Niki Lauda and Birgit Wetzinger. Credit:
Niki Lauda and Birgit Wetzinger. Credit:

“The rest of the family totally agreed with Niki’s arrangement, they respect what he wanted and want to defend his legacy to the last.”

Birgit was a flight attendant when she first met Niki Lauda in 2003.

She had reportedly donated a kidney to him back in 2005 when the couple had been dating for less than a year.

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