Unable to spin F1 cars anymore, Nikita Mazepin makes career switch to spinning tracks as a DJ

Nikita Mazepin is arguably one of the most obvious examples of an F1 pay driver in recent times.

When Haas decided to end its association with Uralkali following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there was absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind that Mazepin would lose his seat.

Uralkali, after all, was the team’s primary sponsor and owned by the father of Nikita, Dmitry Mazepin.

At the time, Nikita had vowed to make a comeback to the sport, but it was wishful thing at best.

It now appears like that is something he himself has come to terms with as he has opted for a completely different career choice.

Watching Mazepin crash his car or finish well behind rivals was a common sight in F1 and it even led to him becoming a laughing stock in the sport.

This time, though, he is the one who is making others spin and groove to his tunes.

In what can best be described as a dramatic career switch, 23-year-old Nikita Mazepin is now working as a DJ.

This was highlighted by fans on Twitter, who just couldn’t help but marvel at this incredible transition from someone who had recently launched a foundation of his own to protect other Russian athletes who had been ousted in the aftermath of the war.

Nikita’s exploits at parties have been well-documented in the past, as his infamous indiscretion with a woman at a club had gone viral ahead of his F1 ride.

Taking up the profession of a DJ, it at least appears like he is finally at home.

Haas still needs to decide Mick’s future

Mick Schumacher. Credit: planetf1.com
Mick Schumacher. Credit: planetf1.com

Meanwhile, Haas still has a decision to make regarding its 2023 driver line-up.

Kevin Magnussen is almost sure to continue with the team, but the future of Mick Schumacher, son of the legendary Michael Schumacher, is still very much up for debate.

Mick had reportedly been told by his team boss that points were the only thing that would help him secure his seat for next season, especially with rumours intensifying over fan-favourite Nico Hulkenberg being consulted over the position.

Although Mick has shown some signs of improvement in the second half of the season, he has failed to be a regular in the points tally and currently has only 12 points to his name all season, achieved over two races.

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