Nikita Mazepin says Ralf Schumacher only tries to ‘protect his family’ with negative comments

Nikita Mazepin has responded to Ralf Schumacher’s comments on him and how team boss Guenther Steiner should intervene in the matter.

Mazepin doesn’t miss a chance to slam the Schumacher family, given his tense rivalry with teammate Mick Schumacher. His uncle Ralf often stands up for him, so Mazepin is at odds with him too.

This past week, Ralf slammed Mazepin for his actions at the Dutch GP, calling them life-threatening and asking Team Principal Guenther Steiner to intervene. Now, Mazepin has responded to Ralf Schumacher’s comments on him, and did not mince words.

As quoted by Motorsport-Total, Mazepin said, “It just seems like he’s obviously protecting his family.

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Mazepin (left) has slammed the Schumacher family’s Ralf for defending Mick (right). Source: gettyimages

“And what can I say. If his family needs protection in Formula 1, then I’m more than happy to listen to those things.” 

The Russian rookie also took exception to former world champion Jenson Button’s criticism, saying he cares very little about such comments.

“It is not right for current and former racing drivers to put themselves above the commissioners and say what should have been done,” Mazepin said.

“They don’t have any rights. At the same time, I respect the rules very much.”


Mazepin revealed that the incident is behind him, and that he had spoken with Steiner after it.

“He did. It’s nice to know that he doesn’t think much of me. That’s positive.” Mazepin said.

“I respect that these conversations were private, behind closed doors. I think it would not be pleasant for all sides if we carried this out in public.”

Mazepin has come under fire quite a few times this season. Although initially he was arrogant and in denial, he seems to have matured and found a new and better way of dealing with these things. The rivalry with Mick is still tense, but it is refreshing to see him deal with it more diplomatically than before.

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